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, traditionally an agricultural and industrial city, is the northernmost
town in the shore known as Costa del Azahar, 
located on a plain at the northern
end of the province of Castellón, next to the border with the province of Tarragona.

Known for its delicious prawns, this port city was home to important shipyards
in the past, and has a long tradition in the canning industry.

At present, its commercial and fishing port have become quite important in the
coast, as well as the well-kept beaches, equipped with all kinds of facilities and

The streets of this town contain some outstanding examples of architecture, such as
the convent of Sant Agustí (today the Wenceslao Aiguals de Izco Municipal Auditorium),
and the Giner and Membrillera houses, as well as the church-fortress of la Asunción".

Vinaròs' love of fun and festivities can be seen in its carnival, held the second fortnight
of February, which has been declared a festivity of Regional Tourist Interest.

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