Information to reserve and general our
If you are interested in making a reservation, the following information is necessary:
For all adults and young people from 14 years old
Name :
Surnames :
ID or passport. :

General family information.
Number of people who will occupy the house:
Address :
C.P. / Population :
Contact phone (preferably mobile phone with Whatsapp):
Email :

Extra information.
Domestic animal YES or NO:
Sheets YES or NO:
Towels YES or NO:
Internet (if there is a connection) Yes or NO:


We wish you that your arrival is as pleasant as possible and that you spend a wonderful vacation with us.

Information to our customers.
When we confirm availability we make a pre-reservation until we send you the contract, with all the details that you will have already sent us previously, of which you must return the signed copy by mail or email and pay within a period of about 5-7 days 50% as advance payment in the manner specified in the contract. In the cases that for various reasons the signed contract is not returned. When the clients have paid the stipulated advance, it will be assumed that they have read and accepted the rental conditions.
Due to government requirements, I need a photocopy of the ID or passport of all people over the age of 14 who will be occupying the house. If you send it now before your arrival we will expedite the checking procedures.
-    The sheets and towels are optional. (€9 per set of bedding) (€6 per set of towels, 1 large + 1 small), most families bring their own, if you can't, we can provide them, kitchen towels and everything we don't have .
-    Internet.- Some houses have Internet connection (consult) for the family that wishes, you can use this system with an extra charge of 15 euros per week; It must be reserved in advance so that you have the Internet connection active when you arrive on vacation.
** Only the Vistamar 1,2,4 holiday homes have free internet connection, in the rest of the homes it is not included.
-    Pets. Pets are allowed according to housing max. 1 or max. 2 (with exceptions) ask Ag. Mar Mediterráneo. 25 euros per week and pet are charged.
In the case of not notifying the Mar Mediterraneo agency of the presence of a pet or bringing more than what is allowed, the Mar Mediterraneo agency may not let them enter or kick them out of the vacation home at any time and without any kind of compensation. for breach of contract by tenants.
-    Deposit.- The agency "MAR MEDITERRANEO" requests a deposit of 200 euros to all tenants who can request up to 500 euros, as appropriate). In the case of damage, the deposit will be deducted value of the damage caused. Also for pets, the deposit will be deducted in case the house It is not in perfect hygienic conditions (clean of animal hair, excrement, etc..). It will be returned to you if everything is fine, within 1 to 7 days after departure by wire transfer to your bank. You must provide your bank account number as specified in the vacation contract.
- Air Conditioning.-In most homes there is air conditioning and its use is included in the rental price, although it must be used responsibly, otherwise the device will be disconnected and you will be charged 30 euros extra per week booked.
** Additional payments will be paid as specified in the vacation contract and before entering your vacation home.

They must say if they bring pets and if they want sheets and towels (if they do not say it will not be available in the house, although they can request it upon arrival and it will be provided directly by hand).
Entrance and exit of holiday homes
ENTRY: It takes place after 3:00 p.m., but if you arrive earlier and your accommodation is ready, it is not a problem to enter early. From 13ºº h. at 15ºº h. and from 19hººh. at 09ºº h. We are not available by phone but you can send us a Whatsapp and we will answer you as soon as possible.
On the day of admission you must arrive at our office (below is the address), we verify the data (verification-checking) about which we give you information, then we will be happy to accompany you to your vacation home. If you arrive late and we already have all the information for check-in, we can leave the keys in a safe box at the door of our office and send you the necessary instructions and address to collect the keys and get to your vacation home ( this option must be agreed with Ag Mar Mediterráneo).

DEPARTURE: It takes place from 09ººh. to 10ººh.. After 10:30 a.m., a supplement is charged (from €80 to €200 depending on the season).
If you want to leave before 09h. tell Ag. Mar Mediterráneo to organize the departure.
**The keys are deposited in the mailbox of the Ag Mar Mediterráneo.

For payments that are accepted at the office, we do not accept checks, credit cards (we do not have a POS, or bills with a value greater than 100 euros.
Due to the law of 11/2021 on prevention measures and against tax fraud, you can only pay a maximum of 1.000 euros per tenant.

Cancellation conditions and fees
With a cancellation up to 61 days before the start of the rental, the value of the cancellation will be 10% of the total rent.With a cancellation of 60 days up to 35 days before the start of the rental, the value of the cancellation will be 50% of the total rented.
With a cancellation of 34 days up to 14 days before the start of the rental, the value of the cancellation will be 80% of the total rented.
With a cancellation of 13 days until the start of the rental, the value of the cancellation will be 100% of the total rent.
(The Mediterranean Sea Agency advises you to take out withdrawal insurance travel).


The main person, in this case the person who signed the rental contract, is indebted and responsible for his traveling companions and roommates. As a tenant, you are also fully responsible for the furnishings and all other things that belong to the rental property during your stay at the property. Any damage caused by you or your roommates must be fully compensated to the landlord or Agencia Mar Mediterraneo. If the damage caused is not repaired at all or unsatisfactorily, the rental period will be held responsible. All resulting costs are the responsibility of the tenant named in the rental contract. If Agencia Mar Mediterraneo is forced by extraordinary events to cancel a confirmed reservation, for example in cases of force majeure, such as war, restrictive government measures, etc. ; he may do so without being liable for damages. If Agencia Mar Mediterraneo is obliged to cancel the reservation in another case, for example in the event of fire or water damage in the property, Agencia must offer you another house of similar type and price. If this is not possible, Agencia Mar Mediterraneo will refund the amount already paid. However, this is done without compensation for any other damages of any kind that you may have suffered as a result.

Jurisdiction for collection procedures and claims against Agencia Mar Mediterraneo is the registered office of said agency, Vinaròs, Castellón, Spain.

( Règles de la maison-Hausregeln-House rules )

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