general information

ENTRY: in SATURDAYS, it is carried out normally from them 15ºº hours,

but if they come earlier and his accommodation is arranged there is no
problem which they enter earlier.
EXIT: in SATURDAYS, 9 is carried out of 9´30 hours approximately.
For contract and reservation I need:
Last name :
Name :
Country :
I telephone:
n º persons who would occupy the home:
Animals domestic : Yes or Not


 when we confirm availability we do a pre-reservation until we send to

 him the contract,with everything the signs, of which he will have to return
the copy signed by you and pay in a period of approximately 5-7days
30 % that is specified in the contract.
In cases which for various reasons not to return the signed contract.
When customers are paid the deposit shall be stipulated that I have read and
accepted the terms of the lease.
The rest, deposit, payment Pet is paid upon arrival before entering your home.
For payments not accept checks or credit cards.
For security, you can make payment of the remainder 4 weeks before arrival
by the same procedure for the advance payment, which must be communicated

and according to the agency.
I must inform you that we have the optional savannas (9 x Euros bed set), and towels
(6 € x game of towels,1 great towel and 1 small towel ).
Most families bring their own, if you can not bring their own, informed them
that we can provide you savannas .
Towels, dishcloths and intimate all the Agencia Mar Mediterraneo does not have

Pets. - The urbanization of apartments are not accepted in the other housing if
accepted, will be charged 25 euros per week and pets. Said Payment will be
cash on the day of arrival before entering the house along with the payment of bail.
In case you did not notify the Agencia Mar Mediterraneo an animal household,

the Agencia Mediterraneo can not let them miss or housing vacation at any time
without any sort of compensation for breach contract by the tenant.
The Agencia "Mar Mediterraneo" seeks bond (due to the desire of owners etc ...)
150 to 300 euros to all tenants. The deposit will be returned at the end of the period
provided the housing has not suffered any damage in the event of damage will
deducted from the deposit value of damage caused by too pets will be deducted
from the deposit if the house is not in perfect hygiene (clean hair of the animal
excrement, etc ...).

Avenida Francisco José Balada 192
+34 606131282